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(401) 467-2000 807 Broad Street, Suite #100, Providence, RI 02907

I appreciate your expertise in assisting my clients and me.

Casby I’ll always support you your a awesome lawyer and person

I highly recommend Casby Harrison. He is a quality attorney with a ton of experience at a affordable cost. He represented many of my clients in different situations including divorce. He is a top notch attorney!! Call him!

Casby is a detail oriented Attorney, who watches my interest without losing sight of the strategic objective

I have referred Harrison Law associates for personal injury cases and found that they truly are relentless in pursuit of justice. They WILL NOT stop fighting for their clients until they get what they deserve

The law group headed by Attorney Harrison seeks to provide the truth in service and represent their clients with the utmost in ethics and apply honest legal prudence.

Highly recommended. Casby is an experienced and highly skilled attorney.

Casby is an amazing person to know and have on your side when it comes to litigation. I would highly recommend him and his law office to anyone.

Definitely the best experience that I have with a lawyer…They respond to ur phone calls, answer ur question right away. And never let any questions to be unanswered. Sarah the legal aid so sweet and always on top of everything , I didn’t met the rest of his team but overall I will recommend this film 200%. Casby doesn’t go to court unprepared, he studies the case indeed.. so happy of hiring him and his

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