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We help victims of employment discrimination, obtain equal access to justice under the law. Learn More tragic accidents, and broken contracts for over 35 years. He believes practicing law is an opportunity to help others change their lives. About Casby Casby Harrison has been persuading judges and juries

Welcome to Harrison Law Associates

At Harrison Law Associates, we seek to ensure equal access to justice under the law for all Americans by defending victims of employment discrimination, individuals involved in tragic accidents due to negligence, and those fighting for their rights in contract disputes. 

More About Us

Message from Casby

“Litigation is not just a job for me; it’s my calling. It’s what I have always wanted to do, since I was in high school, and what I will continue to do until I am no longer physically or mentally able. Growing up, I idolized the pioneers of the civil rights movement and, when it came time to open my own law practice, I wanted to pursue justice for everyone. A large, artistic rendering of Supreme Court Justice and civil rights activist Thurgood Marshall is the centerpiece of my office. 

It doesn’t matter if my client is rich or poor. What matters is my dedication to getting my clients the justice they are so desperate for. It’s all about taking people through a really hard time and onto something better. I’ve been litigating for over three decades and learned how to be relentless in the pursuit of justice while simultaneously being laser-focused on settling cases sooner than later, when that is the best path.  

Clients appreciate that I gladly share my cell phone number because I believe that ongoing and clear communications with my clients is time well spent.

Employment Discrimination

Discriminating against someone means to treat that person differently, or less favorably, for an illegal reason such as race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, pregnancy, whistleblower actions … or because one has exercised his/her right to complain about discrimination 

Personal Injury

We know that injuries sustained from accidents can be life-altering and, in some instances, result in death. Casby helps his clients obtain the compensation they deserve resulting from the negligence of others 

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes may arise from broken contracts, mutual mistakes of fact, disagreement over terms, fraud and definitions, or other areas that, often, cause high emotions. For small businesses, for instance, one contract dispute can disrupt the supply chain, shut down retail activity, or cause all operations to come to a halt. 

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And we will try to make it worth your time to discuss the issue.

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And we will try to make it worth your time to discuss the issue.

Client Reviews

I am profoundly grateful to have the opportunity to recommend attorney Casby Harrison.

I live in Washington DC and work as a political adviser to a international law firm with over 400 outstanding attorneys. I know a great attorney when I see one. I was referred to Casby by a long time friend. Casby’s delivery of bottom line results exceeded all expectations. His integrity, tenacity, and preparedness were equally paired with his brilliant legal and strategic thinking.

Casby’s capacity for getting to the gist of legal arguments through thoughtful research would be the envy of firms 10 times the size of Harrison Law Associates . . .  simply amazing!

During Casby’s term of engagement, he and his team delivered over 20 world class communications that convinced me he is a charismatic and persuasive “force of nature”.

If you want a “winner” who is “Relentless in the pursuit of justice”, and who listens and advocates for you, I recommend Casby and his team without reservation.

Bob M
Rating: 5

Mr. Harrison met with me to discuss an employment matter and gave me the outside perspective I needed to move forward. He was kind, thorough, and efficient while working with me and yet I never felt like just a client.  His sage counsel was legal in nature yet akin to a life coach with his delivery and supportive perspective on tangible steps I could take to move forward with my matter. His direct and kind-hearted wisdom cut through all the noise in my head regarding the matter and really helped me push through.

Ainsley M
Rating: 5

I appreciate your expertise in assisting my clients and me.

Joseph D
Rating: 5

Casby I’ll always support you your a awesome lawyer and person

Michael M
Rating: 5

I highly recommend Casby Harrison. He is a quality attorney with a ton of experience at a affordable cost. He represented many of my clients in different situations including divorce. He is a top notch attorney!! Call him!

Michael V
Rating: 5

Casby is a detail oriented Attorney, who watches my interest without losing sight of the strategic objective

Abdel E
Rating: 5

I have referred Harrison Law associates for personal injury cases and found that they truly are relentless in pursuit of justice. They WILL NOT stop fighting for their clients until they get what they deserve

Sue Morin
Rating: 5

The law group headed by Attorney Harrison seeks to provide the truth in service and represent their clients with the utmost in ethics and apply honest legal prudence.

Jesse Jordan, MD
Rating: 5

Highly recommended. Casby is an experienced and highly skilled attorney.

Nicholas L.
Rating: 5

Casby is an amazing person to know and have on your side when it comes to litigation. I would highly recommend him and his law office to anyone.

Michael R.
Rating: 5

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02Nov 20

Our new website is here!

We know that evaluating and selecting an attorney amid the hundreds of lawyers out there may seem daunting. Our new website is designed to convey who we are and what we do. Check…

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