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(401) 467-2000 807 Broad Street, Suite #100, Providence, RI 02917

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At Harrison Law Associates, we represent victims of tragic accidents such as auto accidents, slip-and-falls or wrongful death (to name a few) along with victims of discrimination and/or retaliation in the workplace and victims of broken contracts 

Wassemble the facts and review the law to persuade your legal adversary that going to trial is not in their best interest. Alternatively, we prove and convince finders-of-fact in a courtroom that the facts and the law support a positive outcome for our client, often because the opposing party’s position is, at best, legally or factually incorrect, or at worst, not truthful. 

Casby Harrison and his team leave no stone unturned. From in-depth research to clear and ongoing communication with you, we provide zealous representation based on 35 years of litigation experience. We offer the unswerving dedication and well-honed experience to successfully resolve your case.  

Client Reviews

Mr. Harrison met with me to discuss an employment matter and gave me the outside perspective I needed to move forward. He was kind, thorough, and efficient while working with me and yet I never felt like just a client.  His sage counsel was legal in nature yet akin to a life coach with his delivery and supportive perspective on tangible steps I could take to move forward with my matter. His direct and kind-hearted wisdom cut through all the noise in my head regarding the matter and really helped me push through.

Ainsley M
Rating: 5

I appreciate your expertise in assisting my clients and me.

Joseph D
Rating: 5

Casby I’ll always support you your a awesome lawyer and person

Michael M
Rating: 5

I highly recommend Casby Harrison. He is a quality attorney with a ton of experience at a affordable cost. He represented many of my clients in different situations including divorce. He is a top notch attorney!! Call him!

Michael V
Rating: 5

Casby is a detail oriented Attorney, who watches my interest without losing sight of the strategic objective

Abdel E
Rating: 5

Meet Our Attorneys

Casby Harrison

Casby Harrison has been a full-time litigator, specializing in persuading judges and juries, for over 35 years. He is known for his zealous legal advocacy on behalf of his clients. He believes practicing…

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Krystal Amaral

Krystal Amaral joined Harrison Law Associates as a law clerk in January 2018. She graduated from Roger Williams University School of Law in May 2017 (cum laude) and from Roger…

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